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A smirk crossed the hero’s face as he stood behind Billy. “Well look what we’ve got here. If it isn’t Doctor Horrible. I see you’re up to your usual no good,” Captain Hammer sneared, hoping to make his nemesis jump right out of his skin.

Billy successfully jumped almost dropping the device from his hands but managing to clench it in his hand. He took a swift step away, whirling to see his nemesis standing behind him before he took two considerable step back. “Captain Hammer.” He returned in a harsh greeting, but the anxiety showed clearly on his face. He would be next to worthless in a fight up against him without any of his special weapons.

His best chance was that Captain Hammer wasn’t in a killing mood today.. Or that he could run pretty damn fast.

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The shy, red head stood in front of the man. She smiled quickly at him, trying to be friendly but she was still nervous and awkward around the stranger. “Uh… Hi. I’m Joanna.” She said quietly and mouse-like.

Billy returned a half smile. He was never very good around strangers either.. Well, never really good in front of females in general. He was definitely the awkward type. “Uh— Hi.” He managed to get out with an obvious struggle. The boy managed to choke down the nerves in order to hold his hand out to shake. “Billy— I’m Billy.”

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Billy stood at the corner of the street, typing away at one of his devices as he glanced back at the passing cars almost absentmindedly. He had a terrible habit of being tied back in his own little world when he was working with his gadgets. For that reason, he didn’t notice the larger man, the one he considered to be his archenemy.

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Look at these people

Amazing how sheep will

Show up for the s l a u g h t e r.

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-he roll his up to the skies- are you sure you are okay?, are you?, because you looks a little… well I don’t know… -Alex look at his hand and then shake it- I’m Alexander DeLarge. 

"Its a pleasure, Alex." Billy replied, dropping his hand as he granted him a nickname. He shoved his phone back into the pocket of hoody, running his hand through his blond hair once, giving the new man a halfhearted grin. "Sure, I’m fine. I mean, maybe a little stressed.. That’s about it though."

—Why? Did he look worse than he felt? 

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Tony whips off his sunglasses and raises an eyebrow at him.

“Stark. Tony Stark. Have we met? You …you have a very familiar face.” Tony takes a step closer regarding him closely.

"—What? No, no! Of course not!" Billy replied a little to quickly. He was never very calm in situations like these. When he was nervous, he tended to turn into a bubbling idiot. Which was kind of what he was in the middle of now. "No, I just have one of those familiar faces.."

Billy went on to rub the back of his neck, no longer meeting the man’s eye. “Must of saw you on the TV or something.. That’s all…”

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